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Sabun Herbal Sereh Plus
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Herbal Lemongrass Soap Plus ' MIG' can realize your desire ..... Herbal Lemongrass Soap Plus ' MIG' created by using natural ingredients and no dyes. Composition: ( Lemongrass Oil, Milk, Olive Oil, Honey, Kawak acid, and other basic materials) Lemongrass Oil Used as a natural deodorizer, to prevent mosquito bites or the bites of leeches, as sweat remover , body warmers, and when used for bathing, can be relieve sore or tired. Milk Milk is a basic requirement for human beings, especially children under five. It' s the same as the compound has a variety sabun.Susu more vitamins, as well as mineral content. And for healthy skin, can bleach the skin, making skin smooth brilliant, and maintain skin moisture. Olive oil is also known as the olive oil it' s been so popular with the natural benefits for beauty. Levels of vitamin E has a very high good for skin health. The composition of soap using olive oil ( medically) can produce more soap gentle and good for the skin. While naturally contain phenol, tocopherol, sterols, pigments, and the squalen important role in human health. Beauty problems such as wrinkles, can be solved by the function of the olive oil. Nor can relax the muscles that tense muscles after fatigue through daily activities. Nature of the substance in olive oil are difficult to be oxidized cause the skin protected from the sun, so it will not trigger the skin against the dangers of skin diseases, cancer or tumors. Other compounds such as chlorophyll contained in olive oil anti-oxidants act as Honey Honey, its main components are fructose, glucose, and sucrose. Minerals Na, Mg, Cu, Mn, Fe, K, and phosphorus. And so far there is no denying the benefits, uses, and privileges of honey for the health of human body both inside and out. Kawak acid Kawak acid is a fruit acid that has been purified from the seeds and fiber is then steamed for about 10 minutes, given a little salt, shaped like a ball and immediately dried in the sun matahari.Zat contained in kawak acids include: acids grapes, sour apples, acid tartrate, malate acid, citric acid, succinic acid, acetic acid, pectin. Useful for treating boils, pimples, itching, itching, scars, measles, ulcers, eczema, and rheumatik. From the description contained in the composition of the health soap MIG can be concluded then use these functions are as follows: Healing / remove pimples; Healing itch itching / skin disease, herpes, and biduran Dompo; Healing the broken leg broken skin; up the skin and smooths the body; whiten skin body; Eliminate body odor; Used bath with warm water, can eliminate tiredness; can keep the mosquito and insect bites; Prevents skin disorders ( tumor or cancer) ; Provides comfortable with the cool sensation of aroma therapy.
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